Sunday, April 29, 2012

Taking the Plunge

The hot water still isn't I took a cold shower wasn't as bad as it could have been, at least its not winter outside, but it was still pretty cold. But I did it. I 'took the plunge' and got clean, and after all, there are worse things in life than cold showers.

Friday night I went with a few fellow Barlow-ites to walk around Georgetown. It was beautiful, and I found myself thinking, "Yep, I could live here". We got cupcakes at one of the several cupcake shops on M Street, The one we went to was called "Sprinkles" I got a red velvet cupcake (as any true southerner would) and it was delicious.
I loved being able to walk around Georgetown, it reminded me of parts of Portugal (and yes  I will compare everything to Portugal, its the only other big city experience I have :] ) The streets of Georgetown are lined with all sorts of shops and restaurants, some I've only heard about!

It is really cool that we can walk here from the Barlow Center. Its literally a 5 minute walk to the start of Georgetown from the front door of the Barlow Center. One of the shops was a little market, it was exorbitantly priced, but cool to look at. There was an entire display filled with cheese...yum!
Behold: The Power of Cheese
Saturday I was very busy orienting all the students who arrived at the Barlow Center. There are 4 floors to the Barlow Center. the first has offices, and a big meeting room. Most of the second floor is occupied by the Church's Public Affairs Department, but we also have a library there for us. The third floor is the Men's floor, and the Fourth is the Women's. We also have a basement, with big couches, a big screen TV, air hockey table, table tennis (I can't remember the other name for that) and a pool table. Its really rather nice. Its different because I never had a 'dorm' experience, and am now thrust into that environment.
I was up until 1:30 am Saturday night because that was when the last student arrived. It was fine, but I was really tired. I got away briefly for dinner with some of the Barlow-ites and we went to Bobby Flay's burger restaurant. It was delicious. I have always wanted to go to one of his restaurants, so I was really excited that I've now made that happen.

Today we went to Church. We took a bus, and it took about a half an hour to get there (45 mins back). Church was nice, it was weird being in a new ward again, since I've been in the same ward at BYU for the past 2 years. I think it will be fun, I just have to meet people and make new friends. (Not the easiest thing ever, but c'est la vie) After church I took a well-deserved nap, and then my new roommate came. She's really nice, and her name is Elizabeth.

After I showed Elizabeth around I went to my cousin Melanie's house for dinner. It was fun hanging out with her again. Tomorrow we have an orientation meeting for the Washington Seminar, and then on Tuesday I start my Internship (eek!)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Now, about the hot water...

Last night I noticed that the hot water wasn't working. I was trying to wash my dishes, like a good roommate, (even though no one is here) and I noticed the water wasn't getting hot. I thought maybe it was a fluke, and then when I tried it in my bathroom and it still wasn't working. This morning I talked to the woman over custodial in the whole building, and she said they were replacing the water pump today, and that it would be ready later that afternoon. Later this afternoon, the pump they were going to install was defective, and not working...long story short they put the old pump back on, and it leaks...So I have to check it every hour...EVERY hour (even at night) to make sure it doesn't overflow. It should be fine, and drain on its own, but if not there's a wet vac I can use to take the water out. Its going to be a fun weekend...

Me with  my new friend, the hot water pump

Note the stream of water under the red part of the pump, and the american flag plate that is leading the rest of the water to where it can drain

The First Adventure

Well I'm in DC! I arrived Thursday afternoon via plane and super-shuttle. It was very convenient to take the Shuttle because they dropped me off right at the Barlow Center, and I didn't have to drag my bags 3 blocks from the Metro Stop. After I dropped off my bags I was given a tour of the building. It is really cool because the Church's Public Affairs Department works from this building. My room is great, I will share it with one other girl, who doesn't arrive until Sunday. (She's the last one scheduled to arrive which is ironic, since I am the first to arrive) We each have a bed, desk, lamp, chair, and wardrobe/closet thing. We also have a mini-fridge, a microwave, and a small bathroom in our room.

There is a common area and kitchen on each floor (one for men and one for women) There are a lot of rules for those of us that live here, partially because of who may walk in at any moment. (Church officials, foreign dignitaries, etc.) I am the Administrative Assistant for the program, which means I do whatever the program director, and faculty adviser tell me, and I am the first person the students contact if they lose their key, or if there is a problem. I am "keeper of the keys" as I'm the one who will be handing them out as the students come in today and tomorrow. 
The Common Room, and big screen TV, complete with Satellite 

After orientation I went to get a Metro smartcard and buy some groceries. Everything was ridiculously expensive! On my way back...I got lost. I'm still not sure how it happened, I thought I walked back on the same street, but apparently not. But never fear, I figured it out. I was one block north, and three blocks east of the Barlow Center. Luckily my Mom gave me a map, and I have my smart phone, complete with GPS. I figure you have to get lost at least once, especially in a city that was designed to be really confusing, and it might as well be a time when I don't have to be anywhere at a specific time.

This morning I went to the closest Metro stop to get some maps for the students, and I felt like I was back in the Metro in Lisbon. It was fun, I have a lot of good memories of riding the Metro there.

I'm all unpacked, and ready for the other students to arrive. I'm excited to be here, and I see a great summer in my future!