Friday, April 27, 2012

Now, about the hot water...

Last night I noticed that the hot water wasn't working. I was trying to wash my dishes, like a good roommate, (even though no one is here) and I noticed the water wasn't getting hot. I thought maybe it was a fluke, and then when I tried it in my bathroom and it still wasn't working. This morning I talked to the woman over custodial in the whole building, and she said they were replacing the water pump today, and that it would be ready later that afternoon. Later this afternoon, the pump they were going to install was defective, and not working...long story short they put the old pump back on, and it leaks...So I have to check it every hour...EVERY hour (even at night) to make sure it doesn't overflow. It should be fine, and drain on its own, but if not there's a wet vac I can use to take the water out. Its going to be a fun weekend...

Me with  my new friend, the hot water pump

Note the stream of water under the red part of the pump, and the american flag plate that is leading the rest of the water to where it can drain

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